If your child your teaching

then, you’re doing it wrong.

Although you're willing and capable of teaching your child....

The Struggle to do so is REAL.

  • Are you tired of tears being shed (by you and your child) during school time?
  • Are you trying to teach your child but it isn't working and you don't know why?
  • Are you unable to figure out how to teach in a way that's enjoyable for you and your child?
  • Are you unable to figure out what your child should be learning at this age?
  • Are you frustrated at the lack of interest your child has for the lessons you've spent time creating?
  • Are you unable to get your child to pay attention during school time?

While learning your child should be:

Having Fun










Asking Questions


I'm Here To Help You

Hello my name is Christina, I’ve been homeschooling my children for years now and I get it– 

I’ve spent days, weeks, months trying to figure out what educational essentials to teach my children  in a way that was enjoyable for all of us.

Turns out, it’s not what I teach them that creates their love for learning, it’s how I  teach them that makes them want to continue to learn.

I’ve discovered the importance of hands-on learning and allowing children to learn through play.

Now that I only focus on creating loving educational memories with my children, the learning happens effortlessly

I want to help by showing you how you can build a love for learning in your young children and build confidence in your ability to teach.


The Love of Learning Teaching Program: Teaching you how to create a love of learning in your child.

A 6-week program for moms interested in bringing fun and excitement into teaching their child important educational skills.

What you’ll Learn:

Module 1

Child's Mindset: Understanding your child is the first step to creating lessons they’ll enjoy. This module is all about Mindset, the mindset of both the child and the teacher (you).

Module 2

Must-Haves Materials: There are a few essential materials you’ll need if you plan to teach your little one at home. This module will discuss the materials needed and affordable ways to get them.

Module 3

What to Teach: Learn what subjects are important to your family and how to incorporate them into your child's learning. This module will teach how to decide what to teach while avoiding stress and overwhelm.

Module 4

Attention Span: Your child has a short attention span, understanding this is key to teaching them effectively. This module will teach you how to get the most out of your child's attention with ease.

Module 5

Reading, Writing, Math: Reading, Writing, and Math are the core fundamentals of education. This module will teach you how to teach these subjects in a way that your child will enjoy.

Module 6

Learning Space/Area: Having a place that invites your child to play, discovers, and explore is important. This module will teach you how to create an area that encourages your child to play.


1:1 Private Coaching Section ($97 value)

During your Private 1:1 Coaching Section, we’ll set the educational goals you have for yourself and your child. I’ll also answer any questions you have at this time.

1 Private Coaching Section

3 Group Coaching Sections ($141 VALUE)

During our group coaching calls, we’ll meet as a group to discuss the units, your progress, your wins, and your questions.

3 Group Coaching Sections

Lesson Planning Workshop ($99 value)

Lesson planning ensures your lessons cover what you planned to teach. This workshop will teach you how to plan lessons that are tailored to your child.

1 Video & Activity Printables

Sensory Bin Workshop ($49 value)

Sensory Bins are an excellent way to bring fun into learning. This workshop will teach you how to create a sensory bin for your child and how to make them educational.

1 Video & Activity Printables

Learning Board Workshop ($49 value)

Learning Boards are a great way to make your lessons easy, quick, and ready-to-go. This workshop will teach you how to make learning boards your child will love.

1 Video & Activity Printables

"I Can" Learning Standards Checklist- ($8 value)

Stop worrying about what to teach. Use this "I Can" Learning Standards checklist to teach your child age-appropriate learning standards.

1 Video & Printables

“I Can" Learning Standards Activities”- ($19 value)

After you've taught your child age-appropriate learning standards, use the " I Can" Learning Standards Activities to see if your child has mastered the standards.

1 Video & Printables

Fun & Engaging hands-on activities




As a Private Beta Tester, you’ll receive over 90% off the original price.

You’ll receive access to the Private Love of Learning Program Facebook Group.

Inside the group, you get access to me to ask questions while going through the program.

All Modules, Videos, Group Coaching, and documents will be delivered inside the Private Facebook Group.

You’ll receive access to the completed version of the Love of Learning Program.

"I love everything here! Such a wide variety of easy prep activities! I love that it allows for repetition and reinforcement of skills! Thanks!"
Verified Customer


Girl playing with wooden toys
"A high-quality product that I can use immediately with my little ones! Thank you so much for taking the time to create something that is developmentally appropriate!"
Verified Customer

This is for your if:

  • You have a child/children under the age of 5 that you’re interested in teaching.
  • You’re interested in investing your time to learn how to teach your child (in a way that they’ll enjoy).
  • You’re interested in learning how to build educational lessons tailored to your child's interest.
  • You’re interested in learning about new learning methods such as Learning Through Play, Interest-Led Learning, and Hands-On Learning.
  • You want to save time trying to figure out what and how to teach your child.

This is not for you if:

  • The child that you want to teach is over the age of 5.
  • You want a traditional public school teaching setting.
  • You feel that teaching your child is another teachers job.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this program is for moms with children under the age of five.

No,  toddlers are constantly learning. This program will teach the different ways you’re toddler learns and how you  can teach in a way that’s enjoyable to him/her. 

Yes, this program will show you how to create hands-on and engaging lessons that are tailored to your child’s interest.

Yes, this program was created to teach moms like you how to teach their children and have fun while doing it 

A classroom is not needed. This program will show you how to make any area in your home a suitable learning space for you and your family.


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